Everyday we hear, "I can’t believe those tights actually worked. I’m not as sore as I have been in the past."   And we know -  because back in 2004 we began producing BodyScience Compression Apparel in Australia where we have been and to the present, producing one of the finest athletic designed compression garments in the marketplace today.  And because we still produce it all right here in our warehouse we are able to keep top notch quality control on each and every unit.

Featuring graduated compression, one of the key features in our athletic compression tights - which helps improve endurance, day to day performance and recovery.  Unlike normal tights without graduated, targeted panels, our design promotes blood circulation, reduces muscle oscillation (vibrating of the muscles which produces soreness)  adherently increasing performance and recovery.

So, they aren’t just for elite athletes?  No, and here's why...

Whether you are walking, jogging, standing up all day, or engaging in any kinds of gym activities these garments will impress. This delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs in the days following intense exercise & this is the #1 reason people look at compression.

Early Research by another Australian brand had Exercise scientists scrambling to research sport & compression. We have also published sports science research on compression garments and the research in general indicates compression garments represent a way of safely and legally manipulating human physiology to produce an internal environment that is more conducive to high performance and faster recovery.

This research has lead to every leading sports company mass producing compression apparel in the hope to gain a slice of this new sportswear market.

Back before 2004 when we actually started working on targeted compression, the manufacturing was simple & based on traditional manufacturing guidelines of straight seams. Our pre-production 2004 in-house research trended towards a need for individual muscle groups. We wanted a garment that not only assisted compression ideas but one that was conducive to improving athletic performance. From the beginning we knew what was most important to us at BodyScience International and that was creating and producing a great garment.

Body Sciences Targeted Compression enhances performance.  In its purest essence Targeted compression acts as a facilitating exoskeleton to the muscles of the body allowing individual muscle groups to be activated via specific panels and seams so compression is applied to the desired muscle groups.  The design allows the garment to move freely and flexibly – although thicker than most others, with the contours of the human body allowing dynamic movements of flexion and extension.

Below are the defined targeted muscle groups at play:

The Calf Muscles is often responsible for pointing of the foot known as plantar flexion, an important component of any bounding or agility activity of the leg.  In sporting situations this muscle can often become fatigued leading to ruptures where the Achilles tendon meets with the Calf muscle. Bodyscience’s Targeted compression design concisely follows the contours of the calf muscles allowing a reduction in muscle and ligament strains by improving spatial awareness of the muscles and keeping these muscles in line and at optimal positions.

The Hamstrings is a complex muscle group consisting of 3 muscles which are predominantly responsible for flexion of the knee and extension of the thigh making it an essential muscle for all running activities. The Targeted compression design allows the garments fabric to provide a facilitation of the eccentric-concentric contraction found in running while providing the muscle with optimal thermal temperatures ensuring a reduction in muscle strains and sprains.

The Quadriceps are made up of 4 muscles which all aid in extension of the leg and flexing the thigh essential for all dynamic movements. Often problems with the knees come back to poor alignment of these muscles which eventually leads to injury under fatigue. The hand crafted cut of the targeted compression garment reduces muscle and ligament strain of the knee by improving spatial awareness of the muscles and improving lactic acid removal allowing a reduction in fatigue.

The Gluteal muscles are the three muscles that make up the buttocks and form some of the most strongest and explosive muscles in the human body. An understanding of the importance of these muscle groups during exercise led to the targeted compression design incorporating specific panels to assist the Gluteal muscle group by aiding blood flow to the muscles promoting improved muscular endurance and stability.

The panels are assembled in a way to provide TARGETED  compression to the relevant MUSCLE GROUPS for each panel. This TARGETED compression allows each MUSCLE GROUP to be independently supported thus ensuring any injury is kept under compression even during movement of the muscle. It's not about laying out our cutting markers to get the best yield (or more cuts per meter).  This more expensive panel assembly belief leads to increased efficiency in movement and reduces the likelihood of injury due to muscle misalignment. The use of specific angles for individual panels reduces the push-pull effect of traditional compression garments, which move as a whole rather than responding to a specific muscle group.

The TARGETED compression allows for strategies that involve athletic performance, injury recovery and injury prevention.  Injuries are understood to include, muscle, tendon and ligament tears, strain and physiological stresses, minor discomfort, major injuries and fatigue.  WE BELIEVE THAT SINCE ORIGINAL DESIGN VERSION #1, OUR TARGETED COMPRESSION IS A SCIENCE THAT TAKES INTO ACCOUNT KNOWLEDGE OF MUSCLE SHAPES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS. THE USE OF THIS SCIENCE AND OUR ABILITY TO MATCH IT WITH EXERCISE FUNCTIONS HAS ALLOWED US TO DEVELOPE THE MOST ATHLETIC SUPERIOR COMPRESSION GARMENT ON THE PLANET.

Greg Young | Nathan Picklum, Founders of BodyScience Compression Apparel