BScompression: Compression Fabric


WARP KNIT VS. WEFT KNIT:  BodyScience Compression garments are Warp Knit designed.  So what are the facts & benefits of warp knit v. weft knit fabrics (referred to as CIRCULAR KNIT) in compression garment construction?

Our garments are not just for runners. They live in a world of grass, mud, salt, sand & physical contact. So a circular knit, Weft Knit,  single jersey fabric will not cut it.

TOTAL FIBRES USED TO DESIGN A BODY SCIENCE WARP KNIT Garment is  4020 ends for the Elastane fibre and 3960 for the Polyester, totaling 7980 ends.

TOTAL FIBRES USED on a WEFT KNIT (CIRCULAR KNIT) single jersey garment is 108 ends for the Elastane fibre and 108 ends for the Polyester, totaling 216 ends.

This means that to manufacture a warp knit tricot fabric compared to a weft knit (circular knit single jersey) fabric is much more expensive and of much greater quality.

In addition, the content of our warp knit fabric is 27% elastane and 73% polyester, compared to our many of our competitors who's content is weft knit with approximately 18-23% elastane and 77-82% polyester/nylon.

The bottom line is that Warp Knitted fabrics will retain their shape and appearance better than weft knits over time after much use.


The term moisture management often gets thrown around in today’s sport apparel marketplace.  It is de­fined as the ability of a garment to transport moisture away from the skin to the garment’s outer surface.  Recent research shows that our BodyScience Compression garments contain superior Moisture Management capabilities due to the way our garment has been designed, having a built-in capillaries to wick and transport water towards the garments outer surface.  All other leading brands often use a chemical solution that eventually washes out.   Our Moisture Management is built into the fabric so it is permanent for the life of the garment.

Due to our Targeted Compression garment properties being built into the actual yarn our washing cycle tests have shown no negative effects on the compression garment. This statement can be further confirmed by Sorbtek ® research findings.  These findings have shown that post a 3 - wash laundering cycle,  BodyScience Targeted compression garments maintained its moisture management, absorbency and shape better than the two leading competitors.

Absorbency results tested by Sorbtek ® indicate that BodyScience Compression garments contain the strongest absorbency properties by being able to absorb moisture faster hence ensuring athletes remain dry.

BodyScience Targeted Compression garments utilize quality materials to manufacture our material, such as;

Unifi Sorbtek ®, Invista Power Lycra ® and Schoeller Textiles Cold Black ® .

This combination of superb technology offers:

  1. Highest grade elastane Power Lycra ®
  2. Warp knit performance fabric
  3. UPF50+
  4. Cold Black cooler black Technology
  5. Superior Targeted Compression construction/design
  6. Flatlock white stitching
  7. Catch Move Release Permanent Moisture Management


This fiber keeps its cool.

Breathable, moisture-wicking Sorbtek technology keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable.

How Sorbtek technology works…

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Allows for quicker drying with permanent moisture management technology

Moves moisture 4X faster than competitive technologies

Protects against soils like sweat and grass

coldblack®: Sun Reflector – UV Protector

Dark colours are known to heat up in direct sunlight more than light colours because they absorb both the visible and invisible elements of the sun’s rays. coldblack® is a special finishing technology for textiles that reduces heat build-up on dark fabrics.

Many textiles that are worn in summer or in the sunshine offer poor protection from damaging UV rays. The new coldblack® generation now guarantees a minimum UV protection of UPF 30 when applied for any textile* in any colour without affecting the look or feel of the product.

Important: the UPF value OF Body Science garments is UPF 50+ based on structure, thickness and material.

coldblack® offers advantages:

Optimal protection from heating up due to sunlight

Textiles stay cool to the touch

Reliable protection from UV rays (minimum UPF 30)