Compression Tights w/White Mesh

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  • Fashionable, Functional Tights whether in the gym, running tracks or any training studio
  • Seamless Hem which aids easy application of the garment
  • Side Panels of white mesh on both legs takes this workout tight to another level of style or just looking cool in your athleisure wear
  • Waist band is flat (no draw string) for a mid to high rise fit with optimal hold and support keeping the waist in place
  • Adjustable roll down black-on-black monochromatic waist band for a low rise look
  • SORBTEK SUPERIOR MOISTURE WICKING FIBER that helps dissipate moisture, keeping you cool and dry
  • Cold Black Technology, Eliminates Heat Build Up w/UV Protection 50+

We have created this garment to wrap key muscle groups. Please be careful not to dig your heal, fingers or pull through the stitching.

  • SLOWLY gather over your foot & heal prior to pulling up garment.

  • DO NOT pull garment until WHOLE FOOT is through the garment, Carefully slip your WHOLE FOOT through ankle raw edge no stitch ankle.

  • ALWAYS USE YOUR HANDS as flat as possible when you pull the garment up, DO NOT dig your finger & nails into the material.

  • DO NOT pull directly on seams.

  • Compression garments must be properly measured and fitted. Please refer to our sizing chart. If your tights are too tight the blood flow may be restricted. If the garment causes pins and needles, pain, or a change in colour of your fingers or toes, it is too tight. Please check before utilizing during long periods of inactivity like sleeping on a short or long haul flight. Remove the garment as soon as you notice any of these signs and ask for advice from the person who supplied it to you or Ask for advice from your doctor, physiotherapist or healthcare professional. these are not standard fashion tights, if the garment is too loose it will not provide benefits.

    There are certain times & conditions when a compression Garment should not be worn. In some circumstances, particularly with contact sports, the skin can become very fragile or in the days following a game. With broken skin there may be an infection. Your doctor health care specialist can further advise you about this. Compression garments should not worn on swollen or damaged limbs or where your skin is recovering from surgery. Your doctor health care specialist can further advise you about this. In certain situations compression garments can be harmful and will not help injury swelling. In some medical circumstances compression material may form tight bands across the skin and even damage it. If in doubt ask your doctor, for advice.